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  • Track your tests and results with interactive charts
  • Attack your model with adversarial samples

One Tool — Endless Use Cases

Collaborative Robotics

Human-robot collaboration in shared space is a powerful enabler for skill transfer between humans and robots, as it allows humans to demonstrate tasks to robots and manipulate them physically.

In this context, aspects of environment perception and prediction of human intention are a critical requirement that collaborative robots must possess in order to safely coexist and collaborate with humans.


Smart Manufacturing

The development of robots that can perform arbitrary tasks based on human commands is a major challenge in robotics. Whenever robots are placed in the real world, they will inevitably encounter new situations and instructions that they have not encountered during training.

For this reason, they must be trained to accomplish multiple tasks under a variety of conditions, as well as to perform new tasks under human guidance, even if they are not explicitly programmed to do so.


Autonomous Logistics

The number of autonomous guided robots in warehouses and facilities continues to increase every year. With advances, robots are handling increasingly complex deliveries and performing a wider and more diverse set of tasks.

As they rely on shared infrastructure such as elevators, doors and walkways, human-machine interaction is necessary. In these contexts, safety plays an important role, and being able to provide a solution that does not require dedicated infrastructure and unique interfaces is challenging.


Inspection & Maintenance

The implementation of AI for inspections and maintenance allows manufacturers to perform production quality inspections more accurately and cost-effectively by collecting and analyzing data in real-time.

Assuring the accuracy of AI predictions plays an important role in monitoring product quality or performing appropriate maintenance before problems occur that negatively affect plant performance, availability, or safety.


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